Mac miniのUnibodyアルミニウム製ジェネレーションです。モデル番号はA1347です。

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How to replace optical drive with hard drive?

Will this enclosure ( ) work in the unibody mac mini to replace the optical drive with a 2.5" HD? Is there a cheap adapter to convert what the optical drive uses to the hard drive's SATA?

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I used the Data Doubler from OWC/ to replace the optical drive with a hard drive in my 2010 Mac Mini. Check out my post here for instructions and pictures. If I can clarify anything, please let me know!


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Well thought out +



I had some problems with my Mac Mini after the repair was complete and I had reinstalled OS X, transferred a bunch of files and applications, etc. etc.: basically, the computer would freeze/lock up after an unspecified amount of time of being left alone. A little googling led me to believe that, after idling fo ra bit, the computer was attempting to turn off the hard drive - which, aside from being 99.999% useless (in fact, does an SSD draw any power when it's not being accessed?), likely can cause problems.

The solution: System Preferences -> Energy Saver -> UNcheck "Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible". I haven't tested it much, but I think that might have done the trick.



The enclosure might work, considering that the optical drive is 12.5 mm, while the enclosure is 12.7 mm. I doubt it though, tolerances on the mini are tight. If you haven't already, check out the teardown HERE.


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i used the same custom made cable adapter as for the early 2009 mini (something like this i replaced the 12V female plug with a sata power male plug, and voila, you can put the sata and power plug into your 2nd harddrive and the slim sata connector to the flexbandcable that used to connect to your superdrive. the hard part is putting the cables in the right place so you can squeeze in the logic board where it belongs :-P

works like a charm in my 2010 mini with 2x500 gb, even though i will buy a 1TB 2.5" drive and a 60 ggb ocz vertigo 2 ssd as system drive :-)

regards, felix

ps: i just drilled two small holes into the dvd caddy and used two screws to attach the hard drive!


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