A compact version of the HTC One, released August 2013.

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I have a few question

Hi guys,

I had a charging problem with my old htc one mini (m7 i think), i bought this :


Then, i followed your tutorial and something is wrong.. when i put the rear case back in place the phone doesn't show me the little light when i'm charging it...

And actually when i don't have the rear case in place, sometime it works and sometime doesn't work. I think i have bad contact because if i move the phone the light show up or disappears.

The screen with the charging status don't show up everytime...


In 1 this part is cut, i don't know why...

In 2 this part doesn't exist at all... (my phone had to go to the clinic one time and i think some mobile doctor was not nice with it)

In 3 this part is broken.

Do you have any idea why my phone doesn't turn on when the rear case is attach to the device ?

Thank you

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Hi Brice,

i would try checking all the connections are in place and possibly try another part it

hope this helps


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Hi Lewis,

I already tried... Do you have any idea, why the phone is not charging when i put the rear case back in place ?

Thanks a lot.


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Ok, now the phone is charging even with the rear case ! Good news... but i have a bad news now!

The screen doesn't work...

I think this is why :


Do you see the flex cable ?


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brice さん、ありがとうございました!

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