Acer Iconia One 7 B1-730HD: Why won't it charge or power up?

I've had this tablet for less than a year, I've treated it well. But at one point the battery drained itself while off, and so I plugged it in. It went up to 50%, so I left it to charge overnight. When I woke up the next morning, it was at 20%. I've kept it off the WHOLE night, and the battery drained itself. The best answer my parents could come up with was *Shrugs Shoulders*. (-_-)

Since then it refuses to charge, or maybe it is, and it's just not telling me that it it. And it won't boot up. I can't afford to pay to replace it, nor to fix whatever may be wrong with it. So am I OL? (Outta Luck) Or is there a solution to this?

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Mine sat in the box for 4 years, after opening it and leaving it to charge for 4 hours I go to turn it on and all that happens is the "intel inside" logo appears on a black screen, and it stays frozen that way indefinitely?! What problems am I facing??


I'm having the the same problem


Have this problem since today


Goddammit. I gave up and sold both for $60. Lord.


The same problem. And seems that nobody including Acer is listening to us. Acer never again… and passing the word