2013年9月10日に発表されたApple iPhone 5cの修理情報とガイドです。モデル A1532, A1456

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iTunes error #1 and reflowing

Hello ifixit!

Ive been plagued forever by iTunes error #1 and have decided its time to learn how to fix it, or at least attempt to. I have a stack of iPhone 5c's on my desk that all give error #1 at about 75% way through the restore. These particular devices are not water damaged. Some of them will come on, but will not restore. Most of them show an apple logo for about 5-10 seconds and then they shut themselves off.

I've heard a lot about reflowing/reballing the baseband chip(or nand chip) but I can't find too many specifics about it. I'm new to the reflow scene in all together, with only a few successful reflows. Is this the right direction to head for error #1? I have a heat gun, a soldering iron, a toaster oven, and an IR BGA rework station. I've seen so many different methods, I'm just not sure what would be most successful. Any help with the specifics on what max temperature should be on an iPhone PCB and length of time would be appreciated.

Also, is something like reflowing a baseband chip an actual fix? Or should I be replacing these components all together? I don't want to put a bandaid over an issue that comes back 2 weeks later in the customers hands.

And to note, I have tried reflowing 3 of these baseband chips on error #1 phones with no success. 2 of them did not change all, I used kapton tape to cover what shouldn't be heated, and used the low setting on my heat gun for about 60 seconds. The other phone, I used the high heat setting for 60 seconds, and well, that phone doesn't do much now.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated!

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Does anyone knows a specialised shop who will do the repair?


This solution worked for me!!!

While updateding my iPhone 7, it got stuck and I got error-1 in iTunes. I read some forums and decided to heat my iPhone. I kept it over a heated waffle maker wrapped in a towel for about 20 minutes. Phone became very hot and I thought it might get through the restore now. But again it got stuck, but i was able to see the 'support.apple.com/iphone/restore' screen in place of the bootloop with Apple logo switching on and off every 5 seconds. I had almost given up, but i don't know why I decided to give it another try after 4 days. For the very first time the update went through without the error-1, but after restarting it again got back to the restore screen. I gave it a second try & i was able to see the hola from my iPhone. I think its very risky thing to be done, but my phone works perfectly now. Though it took couple of full battery cycles to get the battery life back to normal, which would otherwise take longer to charge and would drain @ 1% per min. Pls try at your own risk





Hey Josh,

you will not like my answear but here it comes:

error1 are one of the hardest problems to repair. As you already stated correctly the problem is most likely the baseband chips. You can not replace those, and damaging them with heat makes the whole phone useless. Why ? Apple tied different IC's together (NAND, Baseband, BB CPU) damaging one, means replacing all 3 of those which will end up in an phone you can only use for parts, when repairing waterdamaged phones.

Most error 1 are caused by waterdamage (which you excluded) and by drops. So why not reflow ? 9 out of 10 reflows might end up worse than they were before you reflowed it. Its not like on a xbox or playstion where you heat a chip and hope the solder will melt and reastablish the connection with the board (not a good repair btw).

Baseband IC'S are also glued, which will make any reflow of them useless.

IF the reason for your baseband erorr is the baseband IC, then you would have to remove it entirely, remove all glue from board and IC, reball that IC and resolder it. This is not easy especially if you do this for the first time. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will be fixed.

So What to do ? You decide !

Me personally, I hate it when I see this error.


Apple links many parts inside on a phone. It is getting more complicated every time a new phone is beeing released making repairs harder and even some day impossible. the baseband of every phone is linked to other and reprogramming is not possible to my knowledge. I heard of a chineese group who was able to change the serial number of a phone, if true. It seems possible. But that is far beyond my reach since noone made it public.


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Thankyou for the response ElBo, but that is unfortunate. It just irks me to have to call so many phones "non-repairable" because of issues like this. I suppose you can't replace baseband chips due to the necessary chip programming? I suppose I'm going to attempt re-balling at some point, but definitely on some already trashed board. I'm sure it will be an adventure.

Thankyou so much for the help. iTunes errors make me want to pull my hair out…


Have you had some success josh?



Some folks suspect that the problem on these is actually trashed Flash chip(s) and not in fact a hardware fault.

In particular the wear leveling seems to break down and result in this fault, if some way could be found to simply zero the entire memory then reload it from scratch the problem would be gone.

I had some success "nuking" 32GB microSDs, so far 3 good out of 3 although they didn't last much more than a month at least it proved the technique is sound and triggers wear leveling of the bad sectors when all else fails.

It was an experimental setup with a 9V gas igniter transformer running at 27V with a series current limiter, feeding into either a 5642 or any old cheap radio valve with a Mg getter such as "made in UK" ones.

My X-ray meter was clicking away merrily so this was full spectrum down to <5KeV.

Its the low energy X-rays that are the most hazardous and needless to say this is not a recommended technique unless you are trying to wipe memory chips on purpose.

YMMV, lead lined everything and preferably two layers of shielding between you and the device with failsafes and suchlike.

Note that your average tube will *not* pick these up it has to be an end window or thin wall Bi cored tube such as the SBM series with no compensation shielding running at >450V and a compensation network to prevent destructive oscillation.


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hi josh. i'm interested to know if you tried reflowing the baseband chip? i'm having some problems that i think are also connected to that chip


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