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How to replace fuse in deLonghi RO2058

Need instructions on how to remove casing from this appliance to get at fuse. There is no power so I

suspect fuse has blown

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enostrain, remove the cover. The fuse is on the circuit board on the left of your toaster. The fuse is soldered to the board and it is available at places like this #42 on the image shows the fuse.

Block Image


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I don't think the cir.bd. is on left. Diagram Shows it on the rt. in back of controls. I have counted 24 screws to remove to remove cover! Can this be right? Thanks for info re fuse supplier.


YEA! I Fixed IT...the fuse is a Microtemp G4A01167C. Specs are:

167c-142c; 250V; 10A. I bought it Newark.com, their part is #09WX6683.cost $1.08 plus USPS Priority @ $5.25 I bought two because I also have a deLonghi EO2058 which takes same part . The fuse is 'crimped' into place..no soldering. It is found on a thin aluminum clamp and easily removed. One end is attached to the on/off timer control. The other to power cord. Practical Hint: Remove the timer control for best access to fuse. That end just plugs in for EZ removal.

There is NO circuit board. I don't know about that diagram shown.

Doesn't seem to match my RO2058.

Getting the case off (you only need to access the right side) is really a PIA. TOO many screws. After I put it all back together I had 8 screws left over which did not affect the use of this toaster-oven.

I found the following site to be very useful


search for fuse replacement toasters.




In the location that @enostran describes - "One end is attached to the on/off timer control. The other to power cord." - I find what looks to be a glass bulb with 2 wires coming in from the same direction. Is this the fuse? It looks much different from the part I received (the same part # that @enostran mentioned from www.newark.com), which looks a lot like part 42 in the diagram from @oldturkey03.

I'm definitely hesitant to switch out parts which have no resemblance!


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There is something amiss here. I fixed my problem as I described on July 20. My appliance works just fine. I am not looking for any more answers.

As far as the comments by 'am23', perhaps he is looking at a different model than the one that I described and successfully fixed.




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enostran さん、ありがとうございました!

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