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モデル番号 A1297 / 2.66, 2.8, 2.93か3.06 GHz コア2デュオプロセッサー

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Computer only starts/stays on if keyboard key (any) is held down>

I have a 2010 macbook pro here, computer immediately will shut off unless a key, any key, is held on the keyboard. Operates fine other than this issue? Anyone have any insight or at least having the same issue as me? I searched google and found only two people ask about this, nobody had any good answers.

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My first guess would be the keyboard to logic board cable. Pressing down on the keyboard helps it connect to the socket, particularly keys right in the middle. See step #10 of this guide: MacBook Pro 17" Models A1151 A1212 A1229 and A1261 Upper Case Replacement


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