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"Sim Not Valid" on activation, faulty sim reader?

I am aware the obvious answer is "are you stupid, that means you're trying to insert a sim that the phone doesn't support because it's locked" however let me explain myself. i purchased this iPhone from a friend who has been using it on EE, when i got it, i accidentally ripped the battery connector off the motherboard so had to send it off to be re-soldered. I got it back, and it was on the activation screen where it says "hello" in all the language. After inserting about 5 different SIM cards all on different networks, it still says "sim not valid", even though i used the sim from my phone which i know works. It also says "no service" at the top so i am dreading that the sim reader may be faulty? Any suggestions would be appriciated!


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i have iphone 4s ios 8.3 sim not valid..how to fix this phone



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Click the power button to blank the screen. Then click home button to wake up. Then touch the "i" info button. The imei number will pop up, and if your lucky, beneath that will be the SIM card number. You may have to wait I min for that field to populate.


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