Nexus 5 screen goes black after unlocking (security pass)

So here is the deal: I have a nexus 5 that fell into water 1 month ago, i did all the procedures, rice + brushed all the circuits with isopropilic alcohol (100%) (oh, it stayed like 2 hours under water!). After doing that amazingly the cell phone was working perfectly, until after one month the screen started going black:

1- turn the cellphone on

2 - everything works fine, i get to the unlock phone screen

3 - while at the unlock phone screen i can see notifications for exemple, turn the cell phone to airplane mode, etc.

4- once i click on a notification or i unlock the screen, the screen goes black. and it happens every time that i unlock the screen

Sometimes i turn the cellphone on and it works normally for a couple of seconds or a couple of minutes and then the problem comes back. First i tought it could be a software problem, so i cleaned the cache, it didnt help. Then i did a factory reset, the problem was still there, so the only guess left for me is that something is malfunctioning because of the water damage.

The behavior of the phone is similar to whats happening in this video:

But, it only turns black once i unlock the phone.

Any ideas, suggestions??? I'm willing to try anything.

Thanks guy, sorry if you don't understand something, english is not my first language. If it's not really clear what's going on with the cell phone maybe i can record a video of it's behavior.

Thanks in advance

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