The Panasonic KX-E603 electronic typewriter is a semi-computerized typewriter produced between 1984-1989.

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How to I reset the margins for different types of paper?

I can't figure out how to reset the margins on my typewriter when I want to change the size of paper. No matter what I do, the carriage moves back to the wrong position when it starts a new line.

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You need to clear the saved margin settings from the on board memory chip before resetting them to your desired setting.

To clear the margin and tab location settings:

1. Press RETURN (The carriage must be located at the currently set left margin.)

2. Press both the CODE key and the TAB CLEAR key simultaneously.

This will clear both the margin and tab settings from memory. If successful, the carriage will move to the far left.

To reset the desired margins:

1. Press the SPACE BAR until the carriage is located at the desired left margin.

2. Press the LEFT MGN key. This will save the left margin setting

3. Press the SPACE BAR until the carriage is located at the desired right margin

4. Press the RIGHT MGN key. This will save the right margin setting

5. Hit the RETURN key.

If successful, the carriage will start a new line at the new left margin.

New tab locations must now be set as well. To do this you must manually set each desired tab location on a given line using the SPACE BAR, and then pressing TAB SET.


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