memory upgrade to 800 MHz Bus

Is the Mac Book Pro 15" Core 2 Due Model A1226 compatible with the memory chips with 800 MHz bus speed? or it will only accept the 667 MHz Bus?

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It may or may not take it. In general I've found nothing but problems putting faster RAM in Macs. Problems have included total unresponsiveness, intermittent freezing mysterious restarts. I just wouldn't do it.


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+ The front side bus of this is actually natively 800 MHz as Intel built it. The front side bus can't run faster than the memory. Apple for whatever reason has decided to throttle it down by bottle necking it with 667 MHz memory. By increasing the RAM speed in this you will effectively be overclocking the CPU from where Apple wants it to run since CPU speed is determined by a multiple of the actual front side bus speed in use. Besides the issues mayer speaks of I would expect some heat issues also. It could even be the heat issues causing the problems mayer speaks about as I have noticed Apple tends to throttle down everything.



your mac requires PC2-5300 DDR2, 800 will underclock to 667.


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From this page on the site Crucial:

«... Though DDR2 memory was designed to be backward-compatible (meaning you can use PC2-5300 module in a computer designed to use PC2-4200, or vice-versa), we always recommend that you use the Crucial Memory Advisor tool to find exactly the right memory for your computer.»

When the Mac was released with 667 MHz RAM, but with 800 MHz bus, faster memory does not exist. I think it's fair to try.


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