could it be SCREEN REPLACEMENT followed by BUG?

so i broke my phones screen on a fall, used it like that for about 4 months until it fell off my bed a couple days ago and which rendered the digitizer useless, so i order a pre-esembled OEM screen and after installation the screen was working perfectly fine. Very responsive and all that jazz, BUT now my phone is restarting every 2-10 minutes. When i checked the diagnostics it showed a panic.ips followed by "bug_type 110"

i have restored it, and restarted it, i have opened it up and reconnected cables multiple times and it still restarts and logs the panic.ips

before i attempted to restore my phone i also noticed one of my apps alerting me that i no longer had storage on my phone even though i had well over 1gb of storage left.

So my question is does the screen replacement have anything to do with this or is my phone just facing its destiny of defeat?

additional information**: i am running on iOS 8.3, aside from half of the glass missing, my phone was pretty fine before the screen replacement

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