Samsung Galaxy Noteシリーズの第三世代ファブレットです。2013年9月25日に発売されました。モデル番号はN9005です。

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I dropped my Samsung into water, but there is a blank/black screen?

I dropped my Samsung Note 3 into a glass of water last Friday evening. I took it out in about 5 seconds and took about 5 minutes to find paper towels and tried to dry it as thoroughly as possible. I made a mistake of not taking out my SIM card (I have no SD card) and battery sooner, but I took it out about 10 minutes after drying with paper towels.

I left the parts in a cold room to dry. I got rather impatient on the second day and tried to put my battery in and charge it. NOTHING.

I took out the card again and left it for another night, and this time my phone could turn on, but the screen colors were glitching and I could not access any of the apps without my screen going weird, but I still had hope.

Third night, I tried again. This time it was working fine, except for occasional streaks of green going across the screen from time to time, and I was overjoyed, of course, but my problems didn't end there. :(

The fourth day however, my phone was having difficulties and the green lines were coming more frequently. I tried to restart my phone and even took out the battery and replace it but the screen was completely blank. About 20 minutes later, the phone started working again and the display screen was back to normal.

However, later that day my phone died and this time the blank screen did not go away after about 2 hours of trying to restart the phone, and several trials of taking out the battery and SIM card. The sound and vibrations were all working fine though. The volume could be heard, notifications from my messages and even the sound of unlocking my screen. There was absolutely no sign of any color or anything though, not even the Samsung Note 3 logo appeared when I turned the phone on, even though the vibration and Samsung sound was audible.

This is the second day of which the screen has been blank, and I was wondering if it's something to do with the water. I've checked several websites with suggestions such as taking out the battery and pressing the side button for 30 seconds, and placing the battery back in after 5 minutes. This did not work even after 2 tries. I've tried charging it for almost 4 hours now, but there's still no sign that it is working. Could this be a temporary thing that would continue to work after a few days?

This phone is about 6 months old but I hope it won't go to waste, given that only the screen isn't working and everything else seems to be fine.

Do you have any suggestions? Please share them!

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Unplug the device and remove the battery. Then, follow this guide to remove your logic board and other major components. Immerse/wipe them down thoroughly with 90%+ Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Let the components dry in front of a fan for 24-48 hours. Then, once you are sure it is completely dry, reassemble your device and attempt to turn it on. I also recommend that you purchase one of these bags for future emergencies.


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I am facing a similar problem with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

Did this solution work for you ?


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