iPhoneの第4代目で、修理はそのままパーツを直接交換するだけです。しかし、正面ガラスとLCDはセットで交換する必要があります。容量はGSM / 8,、16m32 GB / モデル番号 A1332 /本体カラーは黒と白色

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iPhone 4 dropped it into a pool

dropped it into a pool and retrieved it immediately. put it into a bag of white rice overnight, now the screen comes on, but cant slide to power off, no touch functions work at all. vibrate switch and sleep and home buttons work, and sound, but no touch screen at all. called apple tech line and they walked me through the restore process, to no avail. my itunes says that i need to take it to an apple store. ive seen alot of stuff online that suggest that the phone can be fixed without replacing parts. is this true, and how can i accomplish this? ive already taken it apart, cleaned all contacts with rubbing alcohol and blew it out with compressed air, put it back together, same result...please help

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I would check it again, surely the digitizer could be gone - but check all parts for fluid residue - not only the "contacts". use a soft paintbrush to clean the logic board



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You probably need to replace the digitizer (Front glass) and the attached LCD screen then. (They must be replaced together, since they're attached together with strong adhesive). I would look on eBay, or on this site, here's a link to one. Here's the guide to do it.


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Phone motherboard needs completely washed with alcohol to minimise problems in the future.. rice is nice to eat tho..

You probobly need a new screen to get the touch working again if new screen does not solve the touch you have damaged the touch ic on the motherboard..


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maybe try putting it in fresh clean water like bottled water, then put it back in the rice


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