BL-T9 with BL-T8 (g flex battery) swap

I'm wondering if G-flex battery dimensions allow for a relatively easy battery swap with the nexus 5 battery.

I realize the LG battery is 3500mAh in capacity and is probably larger, but I'm unable to find any specific dimensions.

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Hello, I'm going to have my second Nexus 5 (first is broken) and I have the same idea as you (put a G Flex Battery (3500 mah) in the Nexus 5).

But, I would have more informations about this battery before doing anything.

Have you got the dimensions of the battery or did you replace your battery by a G Flex one ?

Thank you and sorry for my bad English because I'm French =p


Same thoughts here too! Still hunting for BL-T8 dimensions information now and will share here if manage to find it.

By the way, need to find out if there's risk flatenning the curved BL-T8 to have it planted into Nexus 5.