iPad Miniは7.9 インチのディスプレイで、容量は16、32、64 GBがあります。

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Uneven glass after replacement

This Ipad A1432 is almost ready to return to the owner.

The only issue is that i have one spot in the glass where it doesn't want to go flush with the case..

It wont go down any lower, and the last time i pushed it down too hard it broke the glass.

Any suggestions on how to fix this or get this lower?

More importantly, i would LOVE to be able to NOT have to crack the case completely again, so i dont risk ruining it.

As you can see, the part that is sticking out is where the joint plugs in, -bottom right corner

Would you please look at this attached image?

Since i am a noob with ipads, (not so much phones)i almost want to give this back with the raised edge(as is), to avoid any more risks, i did this for free and he keeps it in a case...

Block Image

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Make sure the digitizer flex cable is folded properly. If it isn't then the glass will,pop up like that. Plus the flex cable could get damaged and need replacing all over again.


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Make sure there is no existing glass and your using good clear adhesive


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Im re reading this I would suggest the home button is perfectly in place with no glass sticking out


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