Apple iPhone 5cは2013年9月10日に発表されました。このデバイスの修理は前モデルと類似しており、スクリュードライバーとこじ開けツールが必要です。GSM か CDMA、8, 16, 32 GB 、色は白、ピンク、黄色、ブルー、グリーンがあります。

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Missing piece from Logic Board Step 29 - does it matter

In Step 29 of the iPhone 5C Logic board replacement, it states "Pull the logic board away from the rear-facing camera just enough to expose the gold contact cap under the top end of the board." "Remove the gold-colored contact cap from the threaded post in the rear case, and set it aside."

My phone does not have this "contact" cap piece and there is a gap between the screw hole of the logic board and the threaded post beneath it. I'm trying to decide if spending the $70 on a new screen/digitizer set is worth it since this piece that is missing might be causing completely different problems.

Can someone please explain the purpose of this piece and whether or not the phone can operate normally without it.

Before the screen was cracked and replaced last month, the phone "seemed" to have been working just fine for the past year. I replaced the screen/digitizer with a cheaper off-brand from Amazon and there are vertical lines (pinkish/blue) all over the screen and the left side of the screen does not respond to touch. I cannot enter my lock code to do anything with my phone/data or even back it up. I need the screen to work. I believe the screen is a faulty part since it is installed perfectly and I have attempted all troubleshooting ideas to remove the vertical lines and dead screen.

I know I can buy a higher quality screen from iFixit and get the screen to respond to touch, but last night I decided to re-seat the logic board too and make sure all connections were lined up properly. That's when I noticed this missing part and wondered if there are other problems caused by that, making the phone not worth fixing. Please help. Thank you!

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Thanks so much to Rany and Tom for taking the time to reply so quickly. This really helps me out. I will look to purchase that piece either in a collection of interior pieces or on ebay. Pretty inexpensive and makes the phone worth repairing. Thanks again!!!



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The issues you are describing are mostly due to A/ poorly seated screen cables or B/ to poorly made or damaged screen cables or C/ to very poor screen quality. It's usually A and/or B.

Therefore a new good quality screen assembly properly seated in place will solve your issue. Be extra careful when connecting the screen cables and when re-installing the shield that holds the cables in place: pulling on the screen and/or the cables can permanently damage the screen assembly and cause the issues you are describing.

Sometimes, but less likely, the screen issues you are referring to may be due to logic board damage due to a drop or a pry mistake for example, but you cannot tell for sure until you try on a new known good screen assembly.

The missing gold prong will not render the phone useless. And in any case, if you look hard enough on eBay, you should be able to find for ~$10 a set of "small parts for iPhone 5C" that will contain this item.


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But what is that item/part and what is it for? What does it do? I can't find that answer anywhere else


Honestly, I'm not sure since I don't have the phone in front of me to see what is connected to it. Those are *usually* grounding clips, used to connect parts of the phone with its ground. You can replace it by a DIY clip if must be, or search for it on eBay.


I think it is a contact point for the top antenna...



It's an RF conductor for upper GPS/cellular antenna. Without this part, you may experience poorer GPS/cellular performance and battery life.


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Hello Tom,

Do you know where I can find this piece? I have searched the internet using the terminology you are using in various ways along with terms from the repair guides (RF conductor; upper GPS/Cellular antenna; contact cap; RF connector; connector cap; antenna contact, etc.,) and the only thing that keeps coming up is the connector cap at the end of the wifi flex cable or the antenna cable. Are you and I thinking of the same piece? Because that's not the one I am talking about. Mine is like that end connector cap, but it has a hole in the middle of it so a screw can go through it. Mine looks like this:

It is the piece on the left side of the photo and if you look at Step 29 in replacing the logic board, it has a close up of it in the third picture of that step.

Please let me know if we are thinking of the same piece, and if so, how would you personally go about getting it if you needed one.

thank you so much!!!!




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