ASUS x55A laptop won't turn on, unable to pinpoint issue?

I have an ASUS x55A notebook that won't turn on. I'm trying to avoid sending it in for an RMA and it is outside of warranty.

On the front of it, there are three LED indicator lights that flash and then turn off when I go to turn it on:

The lights turn on from 1, 2, 3, hold for a moment, and then turn off 3, 2, 1. The battery light remains on while A/C is plugged in, and I've examined the power source and it's not an issue with the power.

I've removed the CMOS for a few minutes and put it back in, and that hasn't helped. The hard drive is fine (I checked it on another laptop).

I did attempt to flash my BIOS using the ASUS BIOS utility before it stopped starting - the utility said that the flash had happened successfully, without any issue, but afterwards the computer stopped turning on.

I was hoping to figure out what I can do to fix this. If it's an issue with the BIOS, how do I even begin to flash the BIOS on a notebook where it won't even 'power on', i.e. the screen doesn't turn on, it stays black.

I'm hard of hearing so I don't know if there's any beeps or if the fan turns on.

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