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it got wet and now it won't start up

it got wet and now it won't start up. Is this a battery issue or is it just toast?

My daughter was push in the ocean and she got out immediately.

We let it dry for a couple weeks and tried to start it up and it won't.

Is it fixable?

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Hi, Big clue here is the OP said OCEAN. It has been a couple of weeks and not opened I would think the unit would not be repairable by now. Salt water is very corrosive on electronics. They can open it up and try to repair but I wouldn't count on success. Ralph

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Hard drive is probable fried, you must of tried to turn it on while it got wet. Put it in dry rice for about 2 days to dry. But it seems yours is a lost cause.


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If it got wet and won't start up that most likely means that the main board is fried. If this is an iPod Touch there is no hard drive installed as it operates on solid state technology. Even if it did have a hard drive though, that would not prevent it from powering up. In order to fix this you would need to replace the main board, which would cost too much to be worth your time. The best idea is to buy a new iTouch.


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