Why is the music not playing?

My carousel is two years old and kept in the original box outside the Christmas season. When I plugged it in this year, it turns, the lights work, but there is no music.

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I have the animated symphony of bells and same thing I have had it for 2 years, the lights come on and everything moves but my music is not working. So disappointed with this company! They sent me an email stating that it's inly covered for 90 days! And they don't have a repair department nor have any replacement parts. I have six boxes and will never buy their products again. Cheaply made and quite expensive.


I have a Mr. Christmas Holiday Merry Go Round carousel. It only plays year round music. When I slide the switch to the Christmas carols setting it still just plays year round music. I tested the switch and it seems fine. Does anyone have any suggestions or a wiring schematic?


My problems the same no music has been stored in original box & it's only 2 yrs old, disappointed for my grand children.