Small circuit board abouve front view camera.


Do you know what the chip above the front view camera is? Is sat right at the top centre of the iPad and can be seen once you have removed the digitiser. It sits just above the camera. When I removed the digitiser I noticed there was a tiny square (which was solder colour) just at funny angle, and noticed it was detached. I turned the iPad on and opened the camera app. When the front camera is being used it's fine. As soon as I press the button to switch to the back camera it freezes. Any ideas of how to resolve this issue?


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robdavies66, your description is a bit vague. add an image of the location and the part you are inquiring about with your question. here is a guide how to add images iFixitでの質問に画像を追加する方法


Hi oldturkey thanks for the quick response. It looks like the part I mentioned is the microphone part. So I don't think this is what is causing the issue with the back camera. It's odd! when I open the camera the screen is black (you can see the camera controls etc). You can flip the camera round to the front camera, but when you flip it back to back camera you get a split second of the front camera image and then the camera locks up. You have to then double click the home button and swipe it away. I hope this makes sense? I've tried resetting, and it has latest iOS. The back camera cable hasn't been touched.