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Keeps rebooting by itself, wont turn off, battery drain fast etc


I'm having many problems with my iphone 4s, soon after a local mobile shop company replaced the screen (have to mention i kept having to go back to them as it wouldnt charge after and headphone port wouldnt work neither, so i wouldnt be surprised if these problems im having now are due to them...)

anyway right the problems:

it doesnt stay on for long when its not on charge....it will turn off anywhere from 80% to 0%, when it does it will show the usb icon to plug it in and will repeatedly keep showing the icon without pressing any buttons until its completely drained :/ will note that sometimes it will boot back up again strangely...when i plug it in to charge it so that it comes on it will say "this iphone needs its passcode after restarting" and also the battery % when booted up is 30% sometimes so its defiantly turning off way too early...

phone wont turn off, it will just keep rebooting back up

it also now keeps restarting by itself, especially when in an app, its like it cant handle it any more lol.. note that the phone is now jailbroken on ios8 so not sure if its due to that, this wasnt a problem before it was jail broken.

oh and another problem the phone thinks its in docking mode a lot of the time so wont have a sound bar and wont play music or video sound out aloud, quite annoying but i can live with that. this was the first problem ive had with the phone and all the rest gradually happened.

sorry for the essay but thought it was best going into detail... does anyone know the reasons to these problems and ideally how to sort it, and if its worth sorting?

appreciate any help



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Hello I would start with a new battery to see if it fixs the random booting..

If that sorts it then the next problem is the phone thinking its docked this is caused buy a dirty or faulty charge port cleaning with ISO alcohol might fix it but replacing the post will 100% fix it.. Good luck


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Sorry for late reply...been really hectic.. broke my arm again and had to have another op so been recovering from that and just got back from a 3 day festival haha...

thanks for your advice though, how confident are you that it could be the battery and not a hardware issue causing it to keep rebooting when im using it??



new battery. new dock. restore via iTunes to remove the jailbreak and see where you are. do the restore first so you can re-jailbreak it before iOS 8.1.1. drops.


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thanks, do you think the constant rebooting it does could be sorted as well replacing these components???



replaced battery and restored with updated itunes and all my problems have gone away...

good battery life again, no more rebooting, doesnt think its in docked mode anymore etc.

(didn't sort the problem where it turns on again straight away if you try turning it off but im not too bothered about that)

Cheers for your input guys


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