Need help getting belt back on dryer.

I'm having a problem with my dryer. It is a really old model as you can see in the pictures.

Brand and model is Bauknecht TRA 5400.

I thought the belt had snapped. But when I opened the dryer the belt was still there, but very loose.

I tried remounting the belt like this.

As soon as I started the machine it didn't even make a whole spin before snapping back off.

I bought a new belt thinking it was no longer good, but with the new belt I can't even get it between the gears/rolls.

Is there a trick to get the belt on? As you can see here, I can move one of the parts, but that is not really helping me.

Am I missing something? Any help is appreciated!

Edit: I made a video of the belt popping off.

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looks like the belt wanders on both the wheel and the motor shaft, check or make sure the belt is aligned, check that nothing is loose motor, check that the white wheel will not wobble or is loose, check that the belt is "straight" so that it does not look like a snake when you are holding it. new belt