Released in late 2006, Nextel came out with the i880. This phone is a walkie talkie style phone which also includes a music player, 2Mp camera, LCD screen, and 5 1/2 hours of continuous talk before the phone needs to be charged.

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Certain keys are not working when I type/text, what could this be?

When I go to use certain keys on my phone they wont work and if they do work I have to press down really hard to get them to work. Almost like they are sticking. Need some assistance trying to fix this issue.

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  • There may be something stuck under the key. Make sure nothing is in the way under your keypad. If so clear and then clean the debris, and check for water contamination.
  • If that is not the case look for wear and tear. Remove your keypad (all one piece, can not check individual keys) and check to make sure all the keypad sensors are working correctly. If they are not you may replace the broken sensors. This can be found on the replacement guide.


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