The Nerf Dart Tag Furyfire is a toy gun which fires rubber Nerf darts. It is equipped with a rotating chamber and pump-action barrel for rapid fire.

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Why does my pump not move?

The pump on my gun appears jammed. How can I fix it?

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If your pump is jammed, make sure that you clean it properly to get rid of any excessive dirt that may be clogging the track. Then, Open up the gun. There is a small black piece next to the large spring at the top of the gun. In some cases it can become misaligned and jam the gun. Remove it and realign. If that does not work, the track can be bent. Open up the gun. When the gun is pumped, the small orange bar that sits on the lower part of the pump is pushed in. In some cases this piece can be bent. Remove it and replace with a straight part. Check out our Troubleshooting guide for more details.


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