Motorola Droid 4 display doesn't rotate after touch screen replacement

Replaced the touch screen on Motorola Droid 4 slider phone and now the display is locked in the horizontal position. I checked and unchecked the Screen Rotation box in Settings but no success.....

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I assumed that the new touch screen/frame assembly from another website would come complete, ready to install the LCD. WRONG! After going into the phone a second time and examining the old assembly vs. new, I found approximately 8 pieces that needed to be transferred to the new frame: 2 medal corner brackets, 4 black "slider stops" (2 on top/2on bottom edges of old frame attached w adhesive,) the black shines bezel plate opposite end of frame from the camera bracket, and MOST INMPORTANTLY... a small rectangular MAGNET along one edge again held in place with adhesive. Reassembled phone and works perfectly!


In addition, ("shiney", not shines) there is also a white rubber pad that sits in the corner near the touch digitizer connector component. (I know THIS now....) hope this can help someone.