iPhone 4 gsm won't turn on no matter what after power flex replacement

Hey guys! I am a cell phone technician and I have done possibly over a hundred iPhone 4 repairs in my time doing this. Just a common power button flex replacement. Well I did the replacement and the power button feels great. BUT the phone no matter but I do won't turn on. I've swapped batteries, the charge port, the screen, another power flex, and plugged it in and held the home button and nothing works. I've even tried another screen. Any ideas? I've taken the phone apart now 6 times and rechecked everything I could think of as I went. Nothing is out of place, no damage on the logic board, and nothing to be alarmed with besides a couple of screws missing when I first took off the back. It was functioning before I did the repair but now it simply isn't turning on no matter what. Any ideas would be fantastic because I am stuck! Preferably someone who has the experience like I do with the iPhones. Thanks I appreciate it!

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Figured it out guys! The Power Flex cable was actually shorting out causing the phone not to boot up. Had to toy with it a bit but I've never had this issue. Point people in this direction if this question occurs. On this specific replacement either the camera or the power flex short out the board causing the phone to not boot up.

I unplugged the camera first, then tried to boot up the phone with a charger connected to the device. Used the home button to boot it up, that did not work.

Then I plugged in the camera and unplugged the power flex and did the same steps and it worked. Just replaced the power flex with a new one and it works. So anyone who runs into this problem try that. If it doesn't work with the front facing camera plugged in then you need to replace that with a new part. Same with the power flex.