iPhone CDMA版の第4世代です。修理はそのままパーツに作業をしますが、フロントガラスとLCDはユニットで交換しなければなりません。16もしくは32 GB / Model A1349 / CDMA互換性あり

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Need to know how to replace front glass only?

Got replacement glass, digitizer is fine, phone works, I need to replace just the glass. What are the steps for just glass replacement.

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Pro Tech ツールキットを含むご注文、もしくは総額 $100ドル以上のご注文については送料無料です。




Very very difficult to do even for experts for the sake of a few $$ I would have bought the full assembly and saved yourself a few hours work


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I never replace just the glass on any iphones. Not worth the trouble when you can just buy the lcd and digitizer assembly and replace it that way. But if you really want to try it then you will need to have loca glue and a uv light as well.



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I have a uv light,,cause im a nail tech. Would that be a strong enough wattage?


i'm pretty sure it's the same




The UV-light is the least of your problems - believe me :)

To do the repair you need a lot of specialist equipment, experience and some luck.. First of all you need to separate the glass from the lcd screen without damaging it, which is a tall order, even with the proper equipment..

Then you need to glue the new glass to the old lcd. This requires specialist UV glue (LOCA) which is not the easiest to find (Ebay has everything). Then you need to make sure that the lcd screen is positioned correctly, which is typically done using a jig that ensures perfect alignment. Furthermore you need to make sure that you do not get bubbles in the glue.

Eventhough you successfully manage to separate the screen and lcd and you manage to get the new glass glued to the old screen, you need to be careful with glue overspil, as this might damage the backlight unit on the lcd screen.

I suggest that you, as the others suggest, buy a complete lcd unit for your phone. They are fairly cheap and you know it works (most of the time anyways)


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