iPad Miniは7.9 インチのディスプレイで、容量は16、32、64 GBがあります。

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Is there a way to test batteris with the dc power supply

is there a way to test batteries with the dc power supply, please list any tutorials

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Click on this URL link: iPad repair guides Select your version and model to get to the battery guides.

As far as testing a DVM is all that is required (testing the battery voltage).

Can you fill us in on what you are upto here.


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an ipad mini does not turn on and i am trying to figure out what is wrong, i want to test the battery or main board. how can i do this with the digital multimeter?



jose ontiveros, there is really no good way test a battery with a multimeter. Just because a battery would show the proper voltage, does not mean it will hold a charge. The open (unloaded) voltage of a battery as measured by just using a voltmeter is almost meaningless. Even a dead Battery will often read some kind of voltage. You would have to test it under a load, for that you would have to add enough resistors to it to simulate a load.

You do want to check your charger to make sure it is working, and you can check the voltage to the battery connector coming from the charger. The left and right outer contacts are the positive (right) and negative (left) see what voltage you get with your iPad plugged in to the charger. Remember that your battery is a smart battery. It does more than just store energy, it also provides feedback to your OS etc. it also requires a minimum voltage to be charged. Once it is below that particular threshold it will not charge, but still show voltage (around 2.8) when measured with a multimeter.


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You can attach the DC power supply to the battery connector. Just use multimeter to figure out which pin is gnd--(continuity with gnd shield on board). Attach negative lead to gnd pin, and positive pin to the outermost pin on other side. Apply 3.8V. Start iPad via power button (for mini this requires a functional solder joint at home button flex).

A healthy mini will consume something like 100-300 mAmps of current. Too low = something on board is closed that should be open. Too high = something on board is open that should be closed = short.

good luck!



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