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Trackpad buttons not working or mouse.

Trackpad buttons not working. when I hook up any USB or bluetooth mouse the cursor works but buttons dont work. sometimes the right mouse button will work but never the left. Things that I have tried already. Reinstalled the OS. took apart and adjusted the screw for button sensitivity and still nothing.

Im wondering if I was to replace the flex cable for the trackpad or just the entire trackpad itself, if that would fix it. This is a friend of mines Macbook and she had about a year ago the trackpad, keyboard and HDD replaced by Apple. Its no longer under warranty so that why she brought it to me.

The only thing I dont understand is if it is a bad trackpad. Why would the USB mouses buttons not work but it moves the cursor fine. Im stumped please help.

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Try this: Pop the cover off and carefully disconnect the ribbon cable put a little tape on the end just so it doesn't short anything. Then try your Apple external USB keyboard and mouse or bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Is the mouse working correctly now? If it is the mouse button is stuck down. Did something spill into the keyboard and/or track pad? You may end up needing a whole top case.


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which ribbon cable are you referring to?


Review this IFIXIT guide MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Logic Board Replacement Steps 13 & 14


well i disconnected trackpad ribbon cable connector up off the logic board. I didn't do step 14 disconnecting the keyboard ribbon cable. when i turned it back on the USB mouse works fine both left and right buttons. But the keyboard isn't working. I plugged in a USB keyboard and it worked as well as the USB mouse. So why did the keyboard stop working when i disconnected only the trackpad ribbon cable? Thanks BTW for your help here too.

So unplugging the trackpad ribbon cable and the USB mouse works. Does that mean i need to replace the trackpad or both that and the keyboard?


If both fail to work I suspect you have new liquid damage in the keyboard & trackpad. To really fix this I suspect you'll need to replace the entire upper case which has the keyboard and may have the trackpad (may need to order separately). This is a big job but doable, here's the IFIXIT guide: MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Upper Case Replacement. In the meantime you'll need to use the external mouse & keyboard. Sorry :-(


thanks for your help


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