The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 was released March, 2008. It is the third camera in the TZ series, with a 3.0 inch viewing screen, 28-280 lens (10x optical zoom) and 9.1 megapixels. The TZ5 also has 720p HD video recording.

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Lens won't open completely

When I turn the camera on, the lens extends only partially and retracts completely three times, then displays the error message , "Please turn camera off and then on again". Trying that only repeats the error with the same result. I attempted to grab the lens and help it open, and it did, but rather than staying open the lens retracted again with the same error message.

Image playback, zoom, and menu all seem to operate normally, but cannot take a pic.

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I'm having a little trouble understanding your posting, but with my camera I found that the ring of metal around the lens had distorted into somewhat of an oval, perhaps as a result of a drop or an impact, and that was bearing on the lens assembly and preventing it from extending. First protecting the lens ring with several layers of removable painter's taqpe, I used some large pliers to squeeze the ring back into a circle so that it didn't rub on the lens. Problem solved and the camera works fine now.


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The above link can potentially help with the issue which you are witnessing. Please accept and score the answer if it had helped,

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That link was very helpful, and thank you kindly! I tried cleaning the lens extensions and also used the vacuum and a thin paper to try to clean out any grit, but no joy. Looking closely at the lens, I saw that the bezel was slightly bent as if the camera had perhaps been dropped (no family members admitted such). I was able to carefully warp the bezel back so that it didn't bind anymore, and the camera now appears to again work perfectly! Many thanks to all, and in particular to Ryan.!!!


Your welcome! I am glad that the issue has been resolved for you! And it was a pleasure to help you!

- Ryan



my lense will not open message turn camera off the on same problem was fine we turned it on this as message we keep getting


coming up now with system error zoom


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