Engine blown due to low oil - is it worth replacing?

My neighbor gave us their riding lawn mower when they moved, and so we enjoyed it last year. My son especially. No oil was added throughout the summer, and the engine is now toast.

Is it worth replacing? Or should I donate it to our local mower shop?

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Please give us the model number.



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There comes a time with everything where the cost of repair exceeds the value of repairing the item (this is a very individual decision). You spent nothing on the machine - if you can put a new motor (or have this one rebuilt) for less than you'd buy a new one seems to me you're ahead.

In future remember -- oil should be drained and replaced each season for lawn mowers and snow blowers. Transmission and/or belts should be checked annually also.

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This is a thought an I had it happen to me, if you only ran the mower to the point it ceased up ,there is a Great chance you can fee it up' they will lock up fairly easy and I had it happen once to me and it literally was only low by a few ounces of oil, anyhow tAke the hood off and take the air guard the engine mower ,that's the part where the engine draws air into the shroud to cool down the engine , take it off at the top of the fins and you will have the one large bolt in the middle , that will turn the flywheel if you have a large wrench or a good size socket wrench and this Is better !if you do.Now take a cheap clean oil and pour it down into the motor fins where you can see it spins at,and I also took some spray similar to wd40 and sprayed it pretty thick.Once this happen I let it set a bit and then took the heavy duty socket wench and worked the flywheel back and forth both directions a spec at a time and it seems impossible at first so don't give up ,ALSO CAUTION REMOVE THE PLUGWIRES AND THE SPARK-PLUGS THSI IS MAJOR IMPORTANT FOR EASY IF SPINNING FLYWHEELL AND FOR SAFTEY OF YIPOUR HEALTH......Now that you have done that continue to try moving the FLYWHEELL back and forth and once it seems to be some free work it in the clockwise direction that it normally spins and do the still you feel its pretty ,loose ,now if there's any chance this motor is not ruined ,try to take the key and tap the motor over with the starter and if so keep tapping until it's seems good a free ,then put cleaned plush back in the engine and wires back on and try and fire if up.unless you have bent a rod or broke a piston there is a very good chance to get the engine back to running,after that ,if your super lucky like I was , be a sure to change the old and put on new filter ,and then

Keep a better eye on your mower ,they do use a bit of oil each time u mow ,so I hope your lucky ,if not many times you can replace a part on your own ,these mowers will run a lot of times if things are not perfect ,my best friend has owned a small engine repair shop all of his adult life and ,he's put things back together for folks on a budget and the mowers give a few mower years of service , if your mower has the version which has the oil pump on it like mine does you stand a good chance of freeing it up, even if it did make a noise right before it locked up ,hope this will help you .My new motor replaced is nearly 2 grand so ,that wasn't gonna happen.


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Phil, depends on your ability and financial resources. Personally, I'd replace the engine since I am frugal:-)


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