Wi-Fi, GSMとCDMA モデルのiPad第二世代です。あるモデルはiPad3発売前に改良されたものがあります。修理は困難で、熱で温めてこじ開ける作業が必須です。

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started dissambling ipad 2, now worried

its the wifi-3g model

im still in the process of trying to remove the screen


when this happened !


looks like a peice of metal sticking out... scared me

what is it? have i ruined it... do i just push it back in?

i thought the atenna is more near the home button

anyway wifi still works, home button still works so everything seems ok at the moment, tempted to call it a day and take it to the shop... still need to know what it is tho


seems i was worried about nothing, it was little bit of metal poking out from me scraping the case with the pry tool


i think if i tear this plasticy thing all around the edge then the job will go along alot quicker, got to be careful tho because i think i pushed alot of it into the ipad during the start

forgot to mention im sick of watching youtube videos.. gets me nowhere lol but thanks

Update 2

i understand now, i guess the damage is already done to the bezel so i may aswell continue with my unorthodox method.

ill have to order a new one, i dont consider them cheap myself

i thought i was doing it wrong at the start but it was literaly the only way i saw possible, o well

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Pro Tech ツールキットを含むご注文、もしくは総額 $100ドル以上のご注文については送料無料です。




Hi there it seems you have pryed between the metal frame and plastic bezal you need to pry between the glass and plastic.

The iPad screen is a trick enuf repair go look at some videos and reevaluate when your doing..


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You are scraping the metal case off. Pry between the glass and the plastic bezel. In fact it is okay to even destroy the bezel and put the new one on since it is so cheap.


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Just be careful with the wifi and power button antennas and flex cables very very easy broken.. Just a heads up the videos will show you the locations


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soya さん、ありがとうございました!

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