Apple iPhone 5cは2013年9月10日に発表されました。このデバイスの修理は前モデルと類似しており、スクリュードライバーとこじ開けツールが必要です。GSM か CDMA、8, 16, 32 GB 、色は白、ピンク、黄色、ブルー、グリーンがあります。

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iPhone 5c so I thought

i was under the impression that my nephew had a iphone 5c but now im not so sure,

just got around to dissasembling it,

by using youtube videos as my guide,

and my phone seems quite different than everyone elses

unfortunatly i cant turn the phone on to check the settings anymore..

but anyway instead of the frontscreen lifting up

the intire phone popped out

infact the screen seems to be screwed down,

i took a few picture

is it an iphone or a fake im no expert ?

i remember using the appstore and creating an apple id on it during christmas time

now where the heck am i gonna get spare parts from

also found alot of earth/mud in the back case so nephew must have lied and dropped it a few times

the battery seems to fall out very easily nothing to secure it in place

im no photographer either, crappy pictures but if you pay close attention to detail.. then you`ll see the battery in the background and the plastic connector on the end of it etc


pics as requested, positive its a fake at this point

battery is bland no marking, and nothing going on inside the case

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Hi again yea that's a complete fake you have there


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yea i just found this video which looks pretty similar on the insides



soya, looks like fake to me. The connectors are all wrong, the board layout is wrong. It also looks like there is a 16GB micro SD card. iPhone's don't use SD cards. Was this sold to you as a 16 GB 5c? It appears that you actually have a Chi_phone. It is most likely an android based OS. take a look on here. Hope this helps, good luck.


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I'm not sure what u have there but take better photos take a picture of the inside of the white casing please and the rear of the screen thanks..

And that's a iPhone 5 box not a 5c like it is written on the side


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checked the phone general settings in the past and it said 5c thier




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