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iPhone 4s Error 29, changed battery - nothing works

So I dropped it on the floor, It worked fine until it discharged a day later, It wouldn't recharge, went into restore mode got error 29 restore loop. Tried DFU same results.

Got a new battery, nothing changed. Took it to a shop they said board is busted I should buy a new phone.

I'm posting the error log here maybe someone has an idea what's wrong.

[18:54:27.0553] entering update_gas_gauge

[18:54:27.0553] AppleImage3NORAccess::_getSuperBlock imageVersion: 3

[18:54:27.0553] AppleImage3NORAccess::_getSuperBlock imageVersion: 3

[18:54:27.0553] [nand_part_core:INF@2289] first 2 pages of boot blocks written with copies of partition table

[18:54:27.0553] [nand_part_core:INF@3169] next 98 pages of boot blocks written with LLB image of size 150080 bytes

[18:54:27.0553] [nand_part_core:INF@3172] final 156 pages of boot blocks written with random data in full page format

[18:54:27.0553] 0: RamrodErrorDomain/3ea: update_gas_gauge: gasgauge_swupdate returned -1

[18:54:27.0553] restore failed with CFError:

[18:54:27.0553] 0: AMRestoreErrorDomain/1d: failed to update device firmware

[18:54:27.0553] 1: AMRestoreErrorDomain/1d: ramrod firmware update failed

[18:54:27.0553] 2: RamrodErrorDomain/3ea: update_gas_gauge: gasgauge_swupdate returned -1

[18:54:27.0553] waiting for host to acknowledge final status received...

[18:54:27.0553] host received final status

[18:54:27.0553] attempting to dump restore log

Thank you in advance :)

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Replacing the battery mostly resolves this issue.

If this does not do it, replace the chargeflex also.


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Just went through this and the battery change did the trick.


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Basically if you've exhausted all the other fixes... changing the battery,removing firewall,antivirus,editing host file etc etc. Then check the last line of your itunes restore log if it says something like...'RamrodErrorr domain/3ea: update_gas_gauge: gasgauge_swupdate returned -1' ... Ifixit has the answer and more details here.....

Enable GPS even when phone is off... .


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