2.5GHzデュアルコアIntel Core i5プロセッサ(Turbo Boost使用時最大3.1GHz)、3MB共有三次キャッシュ

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wifi 802.11ac + bluetooth 4.0 Airport Card BCM94360CSAX

After I upgraded to 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 Airport Card BCM94360CSAX

I get an error message when I booted the Mac and hold down the D key:

  • Error code -1005D

for diagnostic test otherwise it works 100% after upgrade

I bought a card and installed it and it works 100%

The only thing you must do when to boot and hold down the D key is and have the network cable connected to internet.

Bought from here: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2013-newe...

Error code-1005D = means no internet over wifi

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yes i found the same had to use cat cable to work



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The systems firmware & OS on your system does not support this newer part.

While it does appear to work your system can't gain the full benefit of the AC standard for many different reasons, sorry to be a downer here. Even most of the newer systems are not able to either! I would strongly recommend you do some reading as many people have heard the headlines of what the new standard could offer without looking a little deeper on what the current products really offer.

While I do think getting a new system with the AC part makes sense. I don't think upgrading your current N part is worth it at this time (any system).


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