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Touch digitizer wont work after water damage

My iphone dropped in water a week ago a cup of drinking water actually and it was there for about 3 minutes and i didnt know i didnt got a chance to turn off my device and when i took it out the screen flashed on then back off then when i got home i put it in rice for 3 days everything works except that the touchscreen wont work and the volume wont work either only when i hold down the home button for siri the volume works HELP!!!!!

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Rice is unfortunately the same as doing nothing, and with water damage you are fighting time. If you instantly clean a water damaged motherboard, it will be fine 99% of the time. Clean it a year later---5% of the time.

You can still get it properly cleaned and see what the damage is.

Another myth is that motherboard damage is somehow irreparable. Sometimes it is, but usually the individual component can be replaced and it is fine.


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Puting in rice was the first mistake pure myth and dosent work..

The volume buttons don't work on lock screen only on main screen..

The board will need water treated for corrosion and possibly you'll need a new screen but with water damage you never no it could have damaged the motherboard..

But what do you expect when you use rice as a treatment


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i never got a chance to restore my files to a computer and if the mother board damaged i need a new phone right? or i can repair it


oh yeah and im still getting my calls and text



uteq, I understand trying the rice as the first option, but it needs to be opened and cleaned on the inside. Whether or not the motherboard is damaged, you won't know until you clean it good, replace the screen and possibly the volume cable. Even then, there may be other problems that surface later down the road.

The motherboard is the brain. If it is damaged, you could replace it, and yes, if you didn't back it up to your computer or the cloud, you will loose everything. If your going to replace the motherboard, I would purchase another iPhone locally and start fresh. Either a new motherboard or a new phone all together, you will have lost everything. The good thing with starting with a new phone, you don't have a water-damaged phone.


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