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iPhone that can't charge


I am in possession of an iPhone that will not charge. When you insert the dock-cable the phone notice that it is attached to the to charger but the battery is not gaining power. I have tried to replace the old battery with a new one but this has not solved the problem. I have also restored the device to see if it was the software that was corrupted but with no result as well.

I have also thought about the possibility that it might be the dock-entrance that needed replacement but would the iPhone then register that it is attached to the charger?

Anyone who has seen this problem before? Any solutions?

Best regards,


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If by any chance your Phone is still covered by warranty, contact the vendor.

If not, then if using a known good charger, cable, battery, and replacement dock connector does not solve the issue, you probably have a fault on the logic-board.

There are a few (sets) of components on the board that, if gone bad or missing, will cause this error: no charging or fake charging (meaning the iPhone detects the charger, but does not charge).

Working on the iPhone to change the screen for example, may cause some of the components to be affected.

I suggest looking at this Soldering/Making a jumper on iPhone 4s Logic Board Good luck!


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If you've replaced the battery with a confirmed good battery, then I would look at changing the dock connector.


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That would be the next step, I try that. But I just think it is weird that the phone can detect that the cable is in the phone but won't charge.



The dock connector is the problem check the pins on it and clean it. if there is pins missing it could register the charger but it can't provide a charge because that pins is missing or so forth. My bet is you might have to replace the dock connector if the battery is a confirmed good battery and the charger is a confirmed good charger it has to be the dock connector if its missing pins it can see the charger but not get a charge.


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