The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone with eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and a wireless charging option.

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What do I need

My front screen was craked but the phone and touch screen were fully funtioning and displayed. I bought the outer screen & took it to be replaced. When I got the phone back the phone did not display & the touch screen function did not work.

what part(s) do I need to repair the phone. I currently have the outer screen, the digitizer, & housings unit. What am I missing?

Whats the difference between to two fused screens & the lcd?

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Pro Tech ツールキットを含むご注文、もしくは総額 $100ドル以上のご注文については送料無料です。




You are better just buying a full assembly unit with glass and lcd attached and frame..

This will save you a lot time and bother


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Thank you con.

With that is it best that i get a complete new phone that will be $150 through my insurance or on ebay buy the assembled unit with lcd and frame which is running $100-$123. The reason i want to repair the phone is to keep my photos, music and ect that are not backed up on the phone. Will buying the replace unit allow my to keep whats on my orginal phone?



Yes, buying a new touchscreen assembly (digitizer and LCD) will allow you to keep everything stored on your phone. It is usually a more expensive repair, but this is a safer and easier repair. You just have to move the guts from the damaged screen assembly to the new screen assembly and reassemble the phone.


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