PS3 has no power while plugged in not PSU!

So I recenly needed to open my ps3 and due a full strip down and clean. Let me say I thought it was dirty but woah it was really dirty. I cleaned out the hard case by hand and used compressed air to clean out hard to reach areas. Once I was finished I put the ps3 back in its case with all parts and screws plugged it in and nothing not even red standby light. I then tried a different wall socket and nothing then cord, psu still nothing I multimetered the psu seemed to be ok nothing out of wack or not working. At this point Im lost I have done this to ps3's I dont know how many time by that I mean opening them to clean and never had this happen except one other time but that was cause a loose connection with wall cord was pushed in all the way so. If anyone knows what spots on motherboard I can test that would be much appreciated Ive also done alot more to ps3's than opening so I would say Im not an expert but definately not a noob and I have now been staring at my ps3 so much everything looking like one so Im givingmyself a break from it and stumbled across this page looking for something else hopefully someone has an idea i havent thought about.

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