Dead hard drive, now the screen is blank? Please help.

So I followed the guide, which was pretty awesome, and replaced a dead hard drive. After buttoning it up, I then had to open up everything again and to get a bad disc out of the optical drive. So, having done all that, black screen on startup. No sound, no anything. I can't insert the system disc in the optical drive for some reason. I don't think I wrecked the optical drive but I may. But my bigger concern is the blank screen. I was pretty methodical digging into this computer and I'm fairly sure I re-connected everything as it should be.

So, any ideas why the display would appear to dead? I can hear the new HD spinning up. Every once in a while I can some noise from the optical drive but no other sign of life.

Is there some common mistake made by idiots (that's me) that I might check on? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Go over all the connectors again. Most often reassembly issues turn out that "fairly sure" is not the same as "know", and connectors are not square, snapped or locked in... ribbon cables right side up or fully inserted.

You can try an external monitor - if it works your GPU/logic board is ok and the problem is with the internal display chain. Should an external monitor also be black your GPU is bad or not connected properly.

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