headphone jack not working after replacement

I purchased and replaced the part "iPhone 4 Headphone Jack & Volume Control Cable (GSM/AT&T)". Everything went very well except the ribbon cable comes all flat and needed to be coaxed into place for reassembly.

The original problem was the volume and mute buttons stopped working. Headphone jack was fine. After replacing the assembly, the headphone jack does not work but the buttons work great.

I'm wondering if I creased the cable too much trying to fold it the way the original ribbon cable was creased. Could that cause this problem or could the connecting portion of the cable to the motherboard be slightly off allowing buttons to work but not the headphone jack.

Finally, could the part be defective?

Thoughts and ideas? I saw someone recommend cleaning out the headphone jack with cue tip and alcohol.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is my first iPhone repair but I do know my way around "larger" electronics of Mac and other computers so purchasing the right tools and the guides gave me confidence to try this repair.

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