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Why did my Satellite M55 dvd drive stop working?

The dvd drive on my Toshiba Satellite M55 simply stopped working.

- I open the drive, a yellow light flashes on the drive.

- Put in the dvd and close drive. Yellow light continues to flash.

- It makes a brief whirring sound and then sort of a clunk clunk and a pause. This continues to repeat - whir, clunk, clunk, pause. The yellow light continues to flash.

- Nothing appears on the screen.

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I think the flashing is normal when the drive is active

the noises are not normal - but i heard them a lot - sometimes it's burned in dust on the laser that makes it impossible to read any media.

open the drive ans look out for the "glass lens" - take a super soft microfiber cloth (the glass polishing ones are working great) and breathe slighty on the laser, then "polish" it slightly with the cloth

that way i fixed a lot of playstation2 drives ;-)


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I think markus has it right. If cleaning doesn't work you may need to replace the drive. Ralph +



Maybe the lens of your DVD drive is dirty, or maybe the DVD you put in is not finalized or not supported or just scratched to much....


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Markus, thank you for your help. I will try your suggestion but will probably wait until my nephew can help me. I am not confident that I can do it alone without making things worse.

I couldn't get the add comment to work to your response so am putting it down here.


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