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Snow leopard upgraded to mountain lion Issue

Ok my Macbook air late 2010 had a Snow Leopard originally every apps works itune,Skype etc... The i decided to upgraded to Mountain Lion 10.7... then everything is happening horribly like :

ITUNES cannot be open make sure this version works with current OS X?? i installed latest version yet i get same error, on Snow leopard it works fine whyy????

Also Skype before i can make calls video etc but when i installed Mountain 10.7 i can't even make a call its like broken,, cannot make a single message on Skype..

HELP :( i tried everything, since a installed Mountain 10.7 my Mac Air mid 10 late is going wrong in many ways

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Lets try a different tack here.

Do you have a bootable external HD with Snow Leopard on it or the DVD? If you do try starting up on it and then jump over to your HD and see if the apps still work (focus on iTunes for now). Let us know what it does.

Also make sure you have backups of your Apps & Files as you may need to check out the HD for some corruption.


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Try downloading the apps you need from the Apps Store (the Store should be in your dock - if not, it's in your applications folder.


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Hey Mayer thanks for the feedback i did what you said, yet it says Itunes cannot be open make sure it works with this version of MAC OSX i dunno why its like that, i think i shoulda stayed with Snow leopard :(

Any more suggestion ?? would be appreciated



You need to update the apps, check for updates on Mac App Store


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