The Sony Ericsson 760a features Bluetooth, USB, GPS and support for GSM, GPRS, EDGE and 3G networks.

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How do you repair the keypad numbers that won't function?

My wife dropped her phone in a bowl of water. It was quickly removed and dried as best possible. Now, the number 9 key and her address book key don't work. Is this fixable?

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I would say - maybe

water damages are sometimes bad - even if the look tiny.

the w760 has 2 ribbon cable keypads.

the contacts of the non working keys can be burned - in this case a repair can be tough - but with conductive silver would a repair be possible.

on the other side - the keypads are sold on ebay - but those parts can cost a fortune (up to 50$ together, the complete phone cost 99$)

so, fixing it would be the best way.

here are some youtube videos (take a look at the video list)

the keypads are looking similar to this

clean the keypads carefully with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth


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I once went swimming and realized afterwards that I had my Motorola L2 phone in my pocket. I tried turning it on afterwards and it appeared to be completely dead. Here is what worked for me:

1) Remove the battery

2) Place the phone (or other device) in a sunny window where it will get a lot of direct sunlight, with the display up and the battery cover removed so the water vapor can get out

3) Let it sit for a few days until it has dried out completely and try it again.

After a couple of days I re-inserted the battery and tried it again and the phone worked fine. I have used this phone for several years since this happened without any problems. As a rule, water (if it is relatively clean) does not do catastrophic damage to electronics. The main things to do are to remove the power and *gently* dry it out completely.


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