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? Hard Drive on Start Up but boots from external hard drive

I was streaming Hulu and fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and turn the Macbook off; went to work.

Turned it on after work and it would not start. I got the flashing ? that my hard drive is missing. It showed that my memory is full somehow. But I had almost 30Gigs avaialble the night before.

But regardless of that, now I can only start when I have Seagate portable HD in the USB port. But without it can't start up in any mode at at all.

Just in Juy I had the logic board replaced by Apple directly from other bs issues that's been happening for the past year.

I have the internal HD backed up form before but just don't knwohow to wipe a hard drive that I can't access from the utilities lol..

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Make sure you'r MacBook is completely powered off.

Press the power button, and then press and hold the ALT key.

After a few seconds, you should see a selection of icons that will let you select a boot device.

If your hard drive is there, select that.

Or, if you see one labeled 'Recovery' select that.

If you select your hard drive and it boots, go to Disk Utility and run verify your disk. Then go to System Preferences and verify your drive is selected as the start up disk.

If you select Recovery, choose Utilities from the menu bar and open Disk Utility. Verify and Repair your disk. Once that's done, try booting again.

If those steps don't work, please provide a few more details, (like what OS you're running) and we'll move on from there.


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The problem is that I've done that and the internal hard drive does not show... it's literally not visible. I am running the latest Mountain Lion OS X update as well.

I can\t recover the hard drive. In DU it shows to left as "disk 1". I can't use the external HD as as a source and the "disk 1" as the destination to erase and rewrite. It says that I don't have enough memory lol....

I'm just ready to buy a different HD to replace it with and reload from the external HD. But then I am wondering how to wipe the old external hard drive clean since it won't be in the laptop.


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Your hard drive is most likely dead if it shows up as Disk 1.

If your MacBook Pro came with 10.7 or later, you can use Internet Recovery to get the OS back on it after installing a new hard drive.

If it came with 10.6 or earlier, you'll need to install off the restore disks.

However, you say you can boot off your external drive. Is that just a regular install of OS X, or does it a backup/clone of your internal drive that has failed?

If it's a clone of your old drive, you can install the new drive than clone the external back to the internal.

If it's a backup, or it contains a Time Machine backup, you can restore from that once you install the new hard drive.

I have not provided instructions for every method I mentioned, but if you need help, let me know and I'll do what I can to walk you through the process.


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How do you run your external hard drive off your macbook pro? And if you do will you lose all your date on it?




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