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New iPhone 4 screen not working outside

I replaced the screen on my friends iphone 4 and it was working fine. However, when she took it outside (windy day) the screen goes crazy and starts pressing things by itself. Why would this be? Is it a dodgy screen?

I find it strange how it works inside and does not work outside (when it's windy)... I asked a professional about it and they told me it was a faulty part. It was installed properly as I have done many of these before, but I honestly wonder what it wrong with it? Another professional said it might have something to do with the proximity sensor

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I would have to say bad part or an improperly seated digitizer cable. I'm assuming if you have worked on these before...then you checked that to make sure it was seated properly. I've fixed over 1,000 iPhone 4 and 4s screens and a lot of issues can be blamed on poor quality parts. Generally, if you do a bunch of them its best practice to find a good supplier has high quality parts with OEM LCD's in them and keep ordering from the same person.

If its the touch portion that is "freaking out" and touching on its own....Then I would highly doubt its anything to do with the prox flex. Unless things are getting touched when the phone is being used for a call....then the screen is probably not shutting off when put up to ear to talk...and cheek or face is pressing the screen. This is a prox issue. But if you are just holding it in hand and its doing its own thing...shouldnt have anything to do with the prox.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks so much for your answer, after replacing the screen I did check the digitizer cable to see if it was down and it was - however it may have come loose, as it only started happening up until yesterday and was working fine before then. By the way, it isn't out in the wind now it just happens at random but for the most part it works properly. I'll take a look at the digitizer cable and see if that's the problem.

Thanks again!



My iPhone 5 does the same only after about one minute of locking it and then unlocking it I type and buttons go craZy and impossible to play my hunting game just had screen replaced


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If the cable is seeded correctly and it's still going crazy it's 100% a faulty part and nothing til do with the proximity sensor


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