Display compatibility from A1226 to A1211?

My A1211 display's black pixels show as bright red. I found a dead A1226 whose display may be fine. Is it compatible, and can I make a switch? Thanks.

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Give us more information about what models you have, best would be to post the last three digits of the serial numbers. You would also need the numbers of the LCD panels, to determine if their architecture is even the same. If you provide us with those numbers, we can help you out further.



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Hi peter !

As I saw on a part ( MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LCD Panel ), the A1226 model seems to support only the A1260 display.

So, unfortunately, I think that the display you found wouldn't work with your MacBook Pro...

Hoping that I helped you minding,


MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LCD Panel画像


MacBook Pro 15" (Models A1226/A1260) LCD Panel



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The display will work, even tho one is led driver the other is a cfl inverter, just take out the original inverter cable and USB cam cable and connect it up. You will realized it doesn't fit like it use to so trim the original cable on the a1226 display to fit it back in the casing and you are good to go. The only thing is when you adjust the brightness setting via the keyboard, a couple of the settings is mixed....but works great as cheap LCD displays from dead a1226 a1260 are eay and cheap compared to a1211 displays


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"John Mark" Thank you for giving me hope in this project! ! (same problem here...)

I just extracted an A1226 LCD screen PANEL frame, and swapped it for A1211 LCD screen PANEL, assembly and back plate .. Im using it now :)

I also turned the apple logo blue! (by cutting up an old "good condition.." cr@ppy ipod case and used the flat* part for transparent* colour, hot glue and tape works to make a mount for it.. haha. ;) .

WEBCAM cable was a %$# to deal with (from A1226 to A1211 assembly) .. But it does fit ! .. & nicely to :) .. FROM A1226 to A1211 assembly (webcam cable, all works). Full successful transplant here.. I use a thin kitchen knife to open LCD .. because I am careful. :)

Good lucks


This is really interesting, are your Macs still working OK after the mods?


It was for a client . And yeah totally! :) checked in a few a weeks ago on mine .. :)


I've been using it for bout a year now. Techetc do your brightens settings work normal or is a couple of them messed up like mine? I was gonna do my other screen as well because led screen is solo much brighter but too lazy atm because its the screen currently work fine.

I did the SWAP initially because the screen was dying and glowing yellow.I had a spare led from a broken MacBook and figured wth I have nothing to lose!

Glad its helping you guys extend the life of thes old macbooks


A1211 logic board with A1226. Camera works Screen works. When doing the replacement, like John Mark said... extract the original cables but in my situation my A1211 screen was broken. After disassembling the A1211 screen I found all working parts(The inverter cable is all you need, both the A1211 and A1226 have an adapter inside the screen housing that "Transform" the signal both accept the same terminal). Purchased A1226 macbook pro for parts off of craigslist (because john said it was possible) and replaced the A1226 camera and inverter cable with the A1211 inverter and camera cable that I salvaged. Upon reassembly the A1226 data cable and inverter lead was joined, carefully I separated just enough to make the inverter "Transformer" move one pocket to the right. Then connected the logic board to the screen and VOILA! Working Screen

A1211 Macbook Pro with A1226 Screen Housing. The Camera Works, the Led Backlighting works. The only hickup is the display brightness gets confused (They all go to eleven!! lol)


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Frankly I think your diagnosis is premature. Hook it up to an external monitor to insure that the issue is not with the GPU.


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