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Is there a liquid contact indicator (LCI) underneath the G key?

I recently bought a defective aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard for experimentation.

Model A1314 with Dashboard key on F4

Some keys spread over the whole keyboard did not work.

I put it in the dishwasher (with soap and rinse aid at 45°C for 40 minutes) and rinsed it generously with isopropyl alcohol while it was still hot after the wash.

(right now it is still in the drying phase.... keep you updated how it worked....)

->update: The keyboard turns on and I can connect to it and type, but the non working keys still don't work.... no succes here.<-

Right now I discovered a red spot underneath the G cap and took it apart.

I did not look before the wash, so I cannot tell if it was like this before.

Is this thing you can see on the photo a LCI like Apple mentions?

I could not find any other information that there are LCIs built into these keyboards. Maybe somebody else can check on a non defective/liquid spilled keyboard.

In my case the red dot can be spotted with the keycap on.

But you can take the caps of quite easily with lifting the caps up very carefully starting at the upper right or left corner. It comes loose with two or three clicks and is quite easy put back into place with clicking it back in in reverse order.




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Here's the teardown I did on this mostly unrepairable keyboard: Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1255) Teardown


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Thanks. Did I miss something about the LCIs in your teardown??


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