Stripped 3.5mm Phillips screws on left fan, what now?

I bought the Silverhill brand Mac tools off of amazon, and easily stripped down my late 2008 macbookpro5,1 for a left fan repair. However, once I got to the final 3 screws, the ones holding the fan itself in, I found one wouldn't budge. I tried several tricks in the "remove screw" article here, but the cheap #00 Phillips from the kit ultimately stripped the screw! Now I can't get the fan out. Apple genius bar said they'd replace the fans, great price ($40 labor plus $20 each fan, so $60 total for left fan or $80 for both, way better than ifixit price), but they need 3-5 business days to do it! My backup laptop was recently stolen, and I need a laptop for business, so I can't have it in for service for that long. How can I get the stripped screw out? I thought about drilling it out, or cutting a flathead slot like you can do for Roomba screws, but it's too tiny, and I don't want to spew metal shavings all over the inside of my MacBook Pro, or miss with a power tool and end up scraping important components and solder traces off the motherboard. There's also the superglue the screwdriver to the screw trick, but again, they're small, so if I accidentally get glue into the screw threads or elsewhere, I'm screwed (pun intended). Ideas? Please help!

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