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Why does InFocus ScreenPlay 72 projector warn me to replace lamp?

The projector lamp life has been progressively getting shorter, and doing so more quickly the last year or two (unit was new in 2006). Now it's to the point that a brand new lamp still yields the "Replace Lamp" warning message. Rated life of these lamps is 1000 hours, which I understand is the ideal case, but it has been a significant decline. The last lamp didn't even last 100 hours.

In my research, I've found that many projector owners (of many brands) complain about reduced bulb life on older units, and the general consensus seems to be it's a power supply and/or voltage issue. One person mentioned specifically that InFocus had told them the warning message comes on when insufficient voltage flows through the bulb (as a bulb wears, this would happen anyway).

Any way to diagnose if this is the case? Can the power supply be repaired in a unit like this? I am otherwise very happy with it, and would hate to have to replace it.

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A few things to think about.

1. Your manual may show the need to 'Reset' the bulb warning indicator when you change a bulb. Some of these projectors simply turn the waring on after a set number of hours of operation.

2. If your power supply is starting to fail it typically fails to the low voltage side. This would only cause the bulb to last longer (and likely be a bit less bright).

3. I recommend that you simply have a spare bulb on hand and run the projector until that bulb stops working. Then change bulbs.

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Thanks for the response, Michael. In the case of this projector there's no manual reset for the lamp. In fact the message comes on and off at various intervals, but not in a concrete pattern I can discern. In the past simply replacing the lamp made the message go away, but no longer.



The "Replace Lamp" message comes up with some replacement bulbs because they do not draw enough power from the projector, so the message comes up because the projector thinks the new bulb is on it's way out.

I have the same problem. Bought another InFocus bulb instead of a different brand and the massage went away. This is a common problem with aftermarket bulbs.


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press the two brightness keys for 10 seconds to clear lamp timer


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